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About Us

For something different, for a work function, a lovely gift, corporate function, a party with friends and family, a very cost effective harbour cruise with visiting relatives, a fishing weekend or even a romantic outing on the tranquil waters of Lake Eildon. Lakeview Boat Hire can cater for it all!

Lake Eildon and district is one of Australia’s most popular freshwater fishing destinations. It’s proximity to Melbourne also make it a preferred location for Angling Club Competitions. Expansive Lake Eildon with around 550 kilometres of shoreline is fed by clear mountain rivers and is surrounded by rolling mountains, heavily clad forest and open woodland, making it a favourite venue for boating and waterskiing, fishing and bushwalking. The surrounding countryside is prized for its eucalypt forests, its wildlife and its fresh mountain air. Brown trout, rainbow trout, redfin, perch, Murray cod, roach, tench, and carp are some of the species that can be caught around Lake Eildon and local rivers.

Whether you are a fly fisherman, or prefer bait or lure fishing, the major rivers and tributaries provide much enjoyment for the serious sportsperson or annual holiday angler. Others may prefer fishing on Lake Eildon itself either using a hire boat, or of course, their own boat. Lake Eildon is the impoundment created by Eildon Weir on the Goulburn River in southern Victoria, Australia.